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A resource to stir one’s faith imagination

Welcome to Stir.

When I began as the coordinator of youth and young adult ministries for the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, I wanted to create a resource that would inspire youth and young adult leaders faith imagination. Lots of curriculum out today does a good job providing content for leaders to use but I wanted to create something that would stir their creativity and imagination. A resource they could use the way they desired not just the way it was laid out. A visual resource that would inspire the young people in our churches to live out their faith in creative and imaginative ways.

That resource is Stir.

This Stir will focus on God’s Creation: Good, Broken, Redeemed.

God’s Creation will be explored through three elements:

Head: How We Think- Our thoughts and ideas shape how we see God’s creation

Heart: How We Feel- Exploring how we experience God’s creation

Hands: How We Move- Responding to God’s creation

In addition, Stir: Creation will include a leaders only section that will focus on Sabbath.

What will make up Stir: Creation?

Stir: Creation will consist of 4 parts:

Good, Broken, Redeemed and (leader care) Sabbath

Each part will include two videos:

1 teaching

1 visual storytelling/liturgy

It will also have a leader guide with talking points about each part, discussion questions and activity suggestions.

What We Need to create Stir: Creation

This is a new project that currently has zero funding. So here is what we need to make Stir a reality.

We need to raise $5,000 to create Stir.

Video Production: $2,500

Filming and Editing of all videos in Stir: Creation including travel costs for filming locations

Curriculum Writers: $1300

Writing scripts for each video, writing talking points, discussion questions, activities

Curriculum Production: $1200

Creating logo and art for Stir: Creation leader book, first order of physical copies, vimeo video web hosting

If all goes according to plan our hope is to have Stir: Creation ready by August 2016.

If we are unable to reach or exceed our fundraising goal we will use contributions to create portions of Stir: Creation.

Ways you can help us make Stir: Creation

Contribute to our campaign. If you think Stir: Creation is a great resource and would like to see it the best way to help us do that is by contributing to our campaign. We cannot make Stir without your contribution. Please check out the perks to see what you get when you contribute to our campaign.

You can also help us by sharing this campaign with other youth leaders, teachers, pastors and folks who might be interested in a resource like Stir.

Join our Facebook page:

Thank you for reading and helping us make Stir: Creation a reality!


Nathan Wheeler

Coordinator of Youth and Young Adult Ministries of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

Logo created by Hannah Pahl:

Video created by Tim Jarvis:

Music by: Isla Vista Worship

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DIY Fundraiser Card Kit

Summer is right around the corner and I know for many of you it’s last minute fundraising time. Here is an easy to do and cost efficient idea from DYM (Download Youth Ministry).


DIY Fundraiser Card Kit

This will give you the tools to create your own fundraiser card. In this kit you will receive;

• Instructions and directions for how to make it happen
• A thank you card to the sponsors/donors
• Sample cards
• Business agreement

For more information go check out more at DYM Fundraiser Card Kit

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The Easiest Fundraiser. Ever. Seriously.

Article by Samantha Hassell

I have a love-hate relationship with fundraisers.  They’re necessary. And they can be fun times, but they’re a lot of work.  And I feel like I’ve run the gamut on trying to come up with creative and fruitful ideas.

There’s the Parent’s Night Out – I promise even if you think you have enough activities planned for 4 hours you do not.

There’s the classic:  spaghetti dinner.  You will always have more noodles than sauce; those things multiply in the pot, I swear!

Or the car wash.  At the busy intersection.  While three other groups have one on the other three corners.

There are a ton of great ideas out there full of their own pros and cons.

But I’m gonna tell you a secret – I have found the easiest fundraiser ever – when you try this one you’re gonna want to offer me a cut of the profit – thanks, but you keep it.  We call it “Chili to Go” or “Soup to Go.”

Here’s how it works:  ask parents and youth volunteers to make a huge pot of soup/chili and bring it to the church on Sunday morning.  Put it in jars.  Sell it right after worship – people go nuts over it!  A jar of homemade goodness, jarred up and ready to eat as soon as they get home.  Minimal clean up.  No expense because parents and volunteers have all donated what you’re selling.

Here are a few tips:

-ask any ladies in the church if they have old canning jars to donate OR check your local for sale adds – I bought a huge box full from a lady who was cleaning out her basement

-ask folks to return the jars the following week – that way you’ll have them for next time

-don’t forget a wide-mouth funnel for transferring soup to jars

Here are the cons:

-since it’s soup and chili it only works during Fall/Winter months

-I have done this several times and have NEVER had lunch when we’re done.  We sell it all!  😉

But you know what the best part is about this particular fundraiser (and others for that matter)?  It is seeing the looks on the faces of my young people when someone drops $20, $50 or even $100 in for a jar or two of soup.  It is seeing them feel supported and loved through the giving of generous church family.  It is watching their eyes get huge as we total up donations; their humility, gratitude, and amazement is a gift to see.  Plus, it’s fun to watch teenage boys with plastic spoons scraping soup pots for one little bite.

Got a great fundraising idea? Wanna share it with the world? Send an email to

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