4 Ways to Support Parents as School Kicks Off

Article was written by Michael Bayne and found over on parentministry.net

It’s that time of the year…school is back in session all over the country. Maybe you have a few days of summer left but for most parents their minds are focused on one thing…school! Many parents are excited about getting back into a normal routine, some are pumped about a calmer house during the day, but some parents are stressed about the upcoming challenges. The new school year comes with many new challenges as kids step into new classes, connect with new friends and adjust to new challenges. Parents often take on that same stress!

There are some simple things that we can do for parents to support them as we kick off the new school yea. I am betting you are getting ready to kick off your new ministry goals for the fall so why not think about parents! Here are 4 ways you can support parents as you kick off the new school year.

  1. Intentional Encouragement // Recognize the challenge and send parents notes or emails that encourage them and give them some resources as they work toward the new school year. Encouragement goes a long way when it comes to connecting with parents. Be a voice of support and courage in their lives!
  2. Parent Meeting (Vision casting time!) // New school years open up your best time to host a great parents meeting. Cast vision for the ministry you lead but also lean into the parents with some great ways they can get better at parenting. Parents are used to attending meetings in the new year so leverage this time to gather them together and cast your vision for the year ahead.
  3. Clear Communication // Make sure that every parent you serve has easy access to what is going on in your ministry and to the ways you want to partner with them. Make sure you communicate as well as you can so when that busy parent needs info they can get the right info quickly!
  4. Prayer // Cover your parents with prayer as a pastor but also invite your volunteers to intentionally cover families with prayer. As ministry leaders, we can never forget that God’s strength and wisdom is what every family needs more than our programs and plans.

I am sure you can think of 10 more things you can do to support parents right now. Pick a few and make sure you think about the parents you serve as they kick off the new school year!

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The Greatest Influence

The No. 1 Reason Teens Keeps The Faith As Young Adults

Story Found on Huffington Post

This is just one of  many examples that show the greatest influence on the faith life of most teenagers are their parents.

This article says that, other factors such as youth ministry or clergy or service projects or religious schools pale in comparison.

One way I tried as a youth pastor to help parents is to begin a parent blog. This blog contained articles, ideas, information on parenting youth. Most of the information I used came from a website called parentministry.net

This site costs money but it was well worth it. I noticed a healthy upswing in interaction and participation among the parents who read my parent emails and checked out the blog.

How do you minister to parents?

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