What to do for Seniors?

Here we are just a few weeks away from high school graduations. For many youth ministers we are looking for a gift to give them at Senior recognition Sunday or perhaps thinking about a special service for our seniors. In the past I’ve hosted a cook-out for seniors only, I’ve purchased Bibles to give them or one or two books that made an impact on my relationship with Jesus. I’ve also done several Sunday evening programs that was a charge to those seniors to continue on in their faith as they transition out of youth ministry. I wanted to highlight something you might consider using or purchasing as you ponder what to do for the seniors in your ministry.

The Senior Super Pack

Created by Download Youth Ministry

“The resources in this bundle are all products of the result of 4 years of trench-tested and continuously refined work. It is a part of what we call our “Sticky Faith Initiative” (inspired by the fantastic book and research put out by Fuller Youth Institute: www.stickyfaith.org). Everything is yours to copy and adapt. By providing the Word documents and sample PDF’s… this is a resource that is ready for you to easily make it your own.

To build a better bridge between the High School and College Age years by walking with students for 18 months from January of their High School Senior year through their first year post-grad (college or career) to help ensure a faith that “sticks” beyond Student Ministries.

1. Senior Series (a 4 week sermon series for seniors)
2. What Happened/What’s Next? The Grad Edition (a journal to process HS and life in college)
3. The Great Co-Mission (big church service to honor graduates)
4. Grad Letters (don’t buy them a book, make them a personal one)
5. Adopt-a-Grad Program (a ready-to-go, easy-to-copy program where adults in the church adopt graduates for a year)
6. 52 Grad Texts (send 1 a week while they’re at college)
7. Gradstagrams (25 ready-to-go graphic Instagrams)
8. Senior Exam Game (fun trivia game)
9. Yearbook Quotes Game (another fun game)

Be sure to make them your own and have them work for you. In the end, the author’s desire and prayer is that they will help you find ways to see more students who walk out of your ministry at graduation without walking out on God in the years to follow.”

What types of things have you given or done for your seniors? What about this year? Share in the comment section below.

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