The Pinch: ReTHINK Cyberbullying

the pinch


The Pinch is a new segment on the blog that will feature simple lessons you can use in a pinch.


First, take the time and read about this incredible young lady and her innovative plan to curb cyberbullying.

15 Year Old’s “ReTHINK” App aims to prevent cyberbullying.

Now, head on over to ReTHINK and check out more about the app.

You could go a number of ways with this lesson.

You could focus on cyberbullying and the real consequences it has on young people’s lives. Find a story online of cyberbullying or use this one or this one and have a discussion on kindness and grace. You could take some time to share these 11 facts about cyberbullying and then have students download the ReTHINK app (only android phones, sorry iPhones) or become a ReTHINK ambassador at their school.

Another lesson would be how young people can change the world. Share about Trisha Prabhu and how she didn’t just hear about cyberbullying but decided to use her talents to do something to stop it. Talk about ways your students can use their talents to help others.

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