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We are only a few months away from the 2015 Youth Evangelism Conference December 27-30 in Louisville, KY.


At YEC, we will hear powerful messages from Jefferson Bethke and have workshops led by Paige Clingenpeel. We will also have an opportunity for participants to go into the city of Louisville and serve.

Don’t miss out on 2015 YEC! 

Early registration for YEC ends October 31!

Register today to lock in early registration rate of $300. Any registration received after October 31st will be $350.

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Help Equip Your Students To Talk About Their Faith

Over the past several years, numerous studies and books point to the same truth. And for many of us youth workers, anecdotal evidence reinforces this truth. What is this truth?

A lot of our students are pretty inarticulate about their faith.

Many of the students in our youth ministries have a hard time explaining their faith. They struggle to put their faith-essentials into words. Faith makes a difference in their lives . . . they just have a hard time explaining why.

I believe the inability of our students to clearly and logically talk about the basics of their faith lies at the root of many of the surface issues concerning our teenagers’ faith.

After all, if teenagers can’t articulate the basics of their faith, isn’t it because they don’t know the basics of their faith? If they can’t talk logically about what they believe and why, doesn’t it point to a serious foundational issue in their faith development?

I believe as youth workers we have to do a more effective job of two things:

  • teaching our students the foundational distinctives of their faith, and
  • helping equip them to articulate, or explain these basic faith elements.

Here are a few ways I think we can take steps toward helping accomplish these two things:


Over the years, I’ve found it’s not safe to assume that knowing and applying the Bible happens in every youth ministry. There are youth ministries that place a premium on fellowship and relationship over a knowledge of the Bible. While these elements are vital in discipleship, if serious Bible study is not taking place in your youth ministry, you aren’t offering anything the World isn’t already offering. Your students have friends outside of the church. And many have nice, caring adults somewhere else in their life. But your ministry may be the only place they can come to discover God’s words to them.


Theology is simply the study of God. So, do you help your students do this? What if you took six or eight weeks to talk about the character of God? If you’re thinking this type of study won’t hold your students’ attention, you’re seriously handicapping the role of the Spirit and the living nature of God’s Word. How can your students talk about the distinctives of their faith when they aren’t being taught them?


What if you took a page out of the more liturgical-based denominations and crafted some really simple phrases that capture the basic biblical concepts you want students to know? Phrases such as, “There is one God who exists and is the Creator of all things.” Easy, right? Yet it’s a core faith distinctive. As these themes come up in your Bible Study, you could take the chance to reaffirm them. You could encourage your students to familiarize themselves with the phrases so when it came time to talk about their faith, they do so through simple phrases backed by deep biblical truth.


Not discussion. Dialogue. Create moments for your students to talk about what makes their faith distinct with you and with each other.


What if you could create an environment where your students’ un-churched friends could come and have a talk about religion? Not in a pushy or manipulated way. But in an open conversation where your students and their friends engaged in discussions about the nature of faith and religion. Do it away from church in a small group. Whatever it looks like, the more you can help your students talk about their faith (in an environment where you can follow up with them and correct and redirect as necessary), the better they will become at doing it.


Your students need to know that you place a premium on them talking about their faith to others. Ask them about it regularly. Highlight students who are doing a great job of it. Create the expectation that faith-discussions should be a part of their lives. Are these steps the only answer? Of course not. And they aren’t a fool-proof method, either. But they’re a start. And it’s too important a concept not to address.

What are some additional concepts a youth worker might implement to help students know and articulate their faith better?


Ignite.YEC.LogoHelp your students ignite their faith at the 2015 Youth Evangelism Conference in Louisville, KY December 27-30. Click here for more details. Early registration for YEC ends October 31st!

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Youth Evangelism Conference Registration Now Open!


Register now for the 2015 Youth Evangelism Conference featuring Jefferson Bethke and Paige Clingenpeel!

Join us for the 2015 Youth Evangelism Conference December 27th-30th in Louisville, KY. YEC was created to engage youth and adult leaders to learn about and to practice evangelism. Join with youth and adults across the denomination for an incredible three-day event to ignite your faith!

JeffAt YEC this year we will hear powerful messages from Jeff Bethke. Jeff, is a popular speaker, writer and New York Times bestselling author of the book “Jesus>Religion.” He has a compelling story of overcoming a painful childhood of poverty and a broken home, and this gives him a unique perspective on the grace of God and the work of Jesus in his life and the lives of others. It is this perspective that has catapulted him into the national conversation regarding religion and spirituality, allowing his message to connect at a heart level with an audience ranging from atheists to nationally recognized religious leaders.

paigeWe will also have workshops to deepen our understanding of sharing our faith led by Paige Clingenpeel. Paige, has combined her psychological training as a Licensed Counselor with her passion for youth ministry as a national speaker. She is the Director of Content at the parenting site Trends and Teens, and continues to provide therapeutic services to local teens and their parents. Paige lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana with her husband and four kids!

During YEC, participants will have an evangelism immersion experience where students and leaders will go out into the city of Louisville, KY to practice servant evangelism. Our hope is that YEC 2015 will ignite the faith of youth and adults leaders to go back to their towns and cities to share the love of Jesus Christ.

YEC is for 7th graders-college freshman & adult leaders

Click here to Register Online

The registration fee for YEC is $300.00 by October 31st and includes programming, a three-night stay at The Galt House, 4 meals and t-shirt.

After October 31st registration fee is $350.00

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